Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Journal Spread 3

I've finished (perhaps except for a bit of enhancing doodles) my next spread in my journal. This page is all my own art, including stamps, except for the flower stencil I used for the bottom of the right hand page. While I really like the format of Martha's journaling spreads, I am going to try to use only my own art from now on.

I had most of the little girls over the other night. Miss P brought her friend, Mary. I got them set up at the dining table with markers, magazines and blank notebooks. They had a ton of fun cutting and pasting.

The hubster alerted me to this visitor in the north yard this morning. He didn't stay for long - I probably made too much noise lifting the blinds and getting into position for a photo op. I did manage to get one good shot.

I may have to use him as a model for my next journal spread. I may do a horizontal switch so that he is facing the other way though as I think I want him to be on the inside of the right hand page. We'll see.

What are you doing today? I've been visiting some of my favorite blogs, but am not always able to leave comments - my internet connection is slow and at times intermittent. I must say that I am enjoying my visits, though.


Friday, July 26, 2013

More on Spread 2 and Little Girls

I've done a bit more with the second spread in my big grid journal (via the class I am taking with Martha Lever) and am liking the more vivid colors much better than the rather insipid ones I used on my first spread. I still need to add more writing to these pages, but am anxious to begin on the next one. I am going to try to do my own art instead of gluing pictures from magazines.

I had my daughter's two girls over last Friday evening and they were busy doing art with me. It has been an incredibly time since we have worked played together with art supplies. Here is one with Miss M working on a handmade birthday for her friend Olivia.

And here is the beginning of Miss P's collage page.

And here are a couple of photos of Miss Z - in the first one she is outside helping Papa water the flowers. Looks like she got a bit of water on the front of her shirt. And in the second she is teasing Nana by wearing my glasses (upside down, no less).

We are having some amazingly beautiful weather this week after the past couple of weeks of very hot, very humid days. I am loving these mornings in the 60s with a lovely breeze and am spending a lot of time on the screened porch reading and working crossword puzzles.

So, what are you up to these days? Has the weather finally gotten nicer where you live? Are you making art? Are you willing to leave a link to your blog so we may see it?


Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Big Grid Journal

I think I told you that I was taking Lollapalooza III with Martha Lever. I really love her work - her watercolors, her journals, her calligraphy.

While my pretty lettering isn't all that pretty yet, I am having a great deal of fun playing and trying to make it better. Here is my first two page spread in this 9 x 12 graph paper journal.

The pictures aren't so nice - I just printed them out on regular copy paper, but they really set the tone for this spread. Some of the stamps are my own - the wine glass, the flowers, the stars, and the tall skinny house. I am hoping to carve my own alphabet stamps too using the Neuland style that Martha does.

This is just the beginning of my next two page spread. I don't know where this one is going yet, but I am having fun playing with it.

Tomorrow I am expecting my daughters two girls for the day and am planning to do some fashion magazine cutting and pasting in their journals. I haven't done art with the girls in an awfully long time and am sure we will all enjoy it immensely. Perhaps I will have some pix to share.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm Planning A Return

My nerve damage is finally coming under control and I am working on a big grid journal ala Martha Lever. I am hoping to post a couple of spreads soon.

Meanwhile, my son's wedding has come off very well.

I hope to be back here soon.